Are All Swimming Pools Closed Yet?

With energy prices (especially heating oil) considerably lower than a couple of years ago and daytime temperatures in the 60’s on Long Island well into November this year, there actually may be a few outdoor pools that are still open.

The pool heater pictured here is is an oil fired Teledyne Laars that is no longer being produced where replacement parts are hard to come by.  It is close enough to the building to benefit from a heat exchanger piped as a zone off a boiler as referenced in the last post.

When a pool heater like this or the boiler in a home need replacing, it makes sense to think  of the pool as part of the house system and install a boiler that does everything.  A low water content, low idle loss boiler such as a System 2000, or a Biasi B-10 properly installed and sized for the pool would heat the house and the pool for less money than two separate boilers as explained in the last post.

Both of these boilers are fuel neutral; which mean they are designed to burn heating oil or natural gas.  Flexibility is good.  Which fuel is better?  I’ll get to that next time.


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