Some Fuel Regulations Do More Harm Than Good

There have been many regulations imposed on people for the expressed purpose of protecting the environment and reducing our dependence on foreign oil. Some regulations make sense but others seem to have made matters worse.

Among the regulations that have done more damage than good are requirements to add MTBE and ethanol to gasoline. MTBE was bad news for groundwater and has since been banned. Ethanol contains sugar which attracts water and makes the fuel corrosive which is not good for engines. Landscapers and boaters hate the stuff because of the damage caused to small engines by the short usable life. Vehicle owners that fill up with 15 percent ethanol (E15) risk voiding their warranties and will get fewer miles per gallon in their car due to the lower BTU content of ethanol. Vehicles using E85 will get about 30% fewer miles per gallon than if the gas tank was filled with straight gasoline.  The price of ethanol and other bio-fuels would be higher than straight gasoline or diesel were it not for the heavy subsidies offered by various government entities.


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